Why dogs hate the rain

Why dogs hate the rain

I’m sure you’ve all been there. Time to take your pup for the morning walk and he just doesn’t want to leave the house. All because it’s raining. My girls would rather not pee all day, but they won’t go out in the rain. So if you have ever wondered why some dogs hate the rain, then here are a few interesting facts for you. 

Negative associations

Dogs develop their own negative associations when it comes to rain. Most pups are scared of thunderstorms and lightning, which is accompanied by rain. Therefore, rain signals a bad memory and this memory can put them on the edge.

Another bad association is connected to how you discipline your pup. Often, for digging up the garden or barking at the neighbor, the easiest reaction is to spray them with the hose. This way they start associating water and rain with punishment. The same concept works if you scold your dog for not doing their business fast enough in the rain. You’re inadvertently making a connection between getting wet and being punished.

They sense it’s something different

It’s very straightforward, the rain is unpleasant. Umbrellas were invented for a reason. If you find it unpleasant that you get poured on, your dog does too. You shouldn’t be surprised that your dog feels the same way if you hate being out in the rain. Even dogs that are the first to jump in the pool don’t like the rain. It’s not because they don’t like water, it’s because being poured on and over is annoying.

Another reason might be that dogs have a heightened sense of smell. Experts claim that when it rains, the moisture makes all the smells much stronger. As your dog has a much better sense of smell than you do, they notice this. In fact, some of the smells may be quite scary to your dog so this may be another reason they do not like the rain.

They are sensitive to the noise

Believe it or not most dogs avoid the rain because they’re sensitive to the sound of it. You might even have noticed how your pup won’t even go out the door when it rains. While humans have a range of hearing from 64-23,000 Hz, dogs have a much wider range of 67-45,000 Hz. Put it simply, this means that dogs hear much higher pitches than humans can. What it means in dog language is that some sounds you won’t hear, your dog can. Whether it is the sound of the rain moving through the air or the sound of raindrops landing on objects nearby, it can be overwhelming to dogs.

I hope you’re one step close to understanding why some dogs hate the rain. Let us know your thoughts on this or suggestions of our next article! Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to leave your comments and rating below!

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