Top jobs working with dogs

Top jobs working with dogs

Who doesn’t love pets. We love them so much, that the average millennial is opting for pets over parenthood. Therefore giving their dogs all they would give their children goes without saying. The pet industry is a huge, multi billion dollar industry. So opting for a pet  career, you probably won’t make a mistake, not to mention you’ll be able to spend all your time with pups. Isn’t it thrilling? So if you are planning a career working with dogs, read on.

Doggie daycare

Doggie daycare is a high demand service. Let’s face it, the humans have to work and not everyone has the luxury of working at home. When people leave for their normal workday, pups can get lonely, bored, and restless, causing him to become destructive or even a chronic barker. That’s where doggie daycare comes in. Just like kiddie daycare, it’s a safe place where pet parents can drop their furkids off for the day while they’re at work. They’ll be fed and mentally and physically stimulated, which is exactly what they need. At the end of the day – they go home.

For a doggie daycare you need the right environment, that is dog proof. By this I mean an indoor and outdoor area, preferably a pet proof yard. Be prepared with first aid kits, phone numbers to the closest vet and lots of treats. Also make sure you know dogs, and only take on as many as you can handle. After a while you will get to know your boarders and their habits and ‘pet peeves’. This can definitely help you make sure the day runs smoothly. Make sure you ask the parents about all the must have info that might come handy, and consider taking an insurance.

working with dogs

Pet photographer

Probably one of the most difficult ways of working with dogs is pet photography. It requires a lot of patience and getting yourself into some very uncomfortable positions to get down to eye level. If you’re an animal lover and have a passion for taking pictures you may want to try your hand at becoming a pet photographer. Pet photography is booming. I mean, just think about how many dogs have their own Instagrams! Shelters are often in need of photographers to shoot photos. Good pictures help rescue animals become family members. The three main requirements for success in this job are:

  1. Lots of patience. Without patience, it won’t matter how good your skills or equipment are. When shooting canine subjects you need to stay calm and positive to make the session fun.
  2. A professional camera with all the right lenses, and the right photo editing program, like Adobe Photosho and Lightroom.
  3. The ability to be flexible and take creative shots. With fur kids, some of the best shots can be obtained when you get right down to eye level with the pooch you’re shooting. So prepare to get muddy and dirty.

Pet transportation

Think of it as an uber for your dog. Dog transportation companies provide transit locally and long distance. Local transports can be to the vet’s office or groomer. More long-distance transport could include things like transporting litters of puppies to their new homes or assisting a family that’s moving to a new home by giving pups a ride.

If you are considering dog transport, check into the insurance requirements and be sure to carry insurance. Accidents can happen. You don’t want to be without dog transportation coverage. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with the necessary safety equipment for traveling with dogs. It’s always better not to be alone, especially if you have more than one dog with you and it’s a long distance run.

working with dogs


Dog walker

Dog walkers are in high demand. You can set your own schedule and be your own boss. The job description seems pretty self-explanatory, but there’s more to it than just simply taking a walk. Most people today consider their dogs to be members of the family, so if they are letting someone leave the house with their pooch you can bet they really trust that person.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure you don’t take on more than you can handle. Even the most well-trained dog can be tempted to chase something in a split second. If you feel you can only walk safely with a smaller dog, then only offer your services to smaller dogs. Larger dogs need someone who can control them in case a sticky situation should arise. Make sure you have an insurance and a list of nearby vets or useful phone numbers in case of an emergency.

If you’re passionate about dogs, in good physical condition, love the outdoors, and enjoy walking, then becoming a dog walker may be something to consider. Usually, a dog is picked up at his home. After his walk (and maybe a play session) then he’s returned to his home. Once you get a couple of clients and establish yourself as being reliable and responsible — you’ll be well on your way! Not the easiest option when working with dogs, but definitely high in demand.

Pet portrait artist

My absolute favorite, if I weren’t a designer I would definitely venture into pet portraits. It is one of the easiest ways of working with dogs. If you have a great hand with drawings and water color, then this might just the best nice opportunity for you. Pet parents go crazy about having their pooches portrait done. It is the second most popular service after dog photography.

working with dogs

Dog groomer

As a dog groomer you can work from home, pet stores or veterinarians offices. Education for a groomer also varies. There is no formal requirement saying that you must go to school to learn this art. But, it is an art. To really excel at grooming, you should have formal training. You can go to professional dog grooming schools in classrooms or online. You could go to some of the larger pet store chains where they may provide you with training. Usually you’ll have to stay on and work with them for a while after your training. This is a good thing though because it will enable you to get lots of experience.

Dog clothing designer

I can tell you being a dog clothing and accessories designer is a hell of a ride. Working with pups is one of the best things, it is soothing, interesting and the creative aspect boosts my energies. Nonetheless, starting up your own dog business is far from being easy. I see small brands popping up like mushrooms after the rain, and disappearing equally quickly. So when you opt for this career choice, make sure you add value to your products and you solve a problem with them. Otherwise you just keep creating the same old over and over again, and the chances of your brand vanishing in the competition are much higher.

Start off with a problem you keep running into, read up on it, blog and network to find what it is pet parents need. And when you have the perfect problem, find the perfect solution to it. Discard your first 12 ideas, and keep pushing until you create something unique and irresistable. And you’re not done yet. Now comes your website, product photography, shipping, packaging, social accounts, proper marketing, sales, wholesale and the list is long. So be warned, only choose this path if you are truly loving to do every aspect. This will help you pull through even in the tough times.

Dog trainer

Some people are naturally good at training dogs and some just can’t seem to grasp it. Are you someone who always wanted to be a dog trainer? It takes patience, stamina and an alfa personality. You need to make sure you know the different dog breeds very well, as they all have different personalities and needs. Be patient, firm, kind an encouraging. And don’t forget, take a course to pick up all the relevant knowledge and skills to do this well. I believe being a dog trainer can be incredibly rewarding, so go ahed and do your research.

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