6 pet travel essentials you want to pack

6 pet travel essentials you want to pack

Summer is fast approaching and we are beginning to plan our summer trips. Most of us feel more comfortable leaving our pets with relatives or at pet hotels. Fortunately, there are a great number of places specializing to accommodate your pet while you are away. For those, who don’t part from their pooch for a vacation we put together a list of pet travel essentials! Before you hit the road make sure to take precautions to ensure all these are checked and done.


Sounds like an obvious one, but before you leave make sure you have your pet microchipped. All the info should be updated, including their vaccination, age, your phone number and address to make sure you can be reached in an emergency. Also all of their health checks and updates are usually stored on the chip, making it easier to identify any potential health risk.


This applies only if you leave the country. You are expected to present your travel documents, and it applies to your pet. When crossing borders this is mandatory, not to mention it might come handy if you need to make an emergency visit to a vet. Pet passports can be applied for through your vet for a small fee, and usually take up to two weeks to get ready. Make sure it’s on hand before you leave for abroad!

pet travel essentials

Car harness and seatbelt

You need to travel with a fastened seatbelt, and the same goes for your dog. It’s not only life saving in a matter of emergency. But also handy as it prevents your pet to climb all over the car, distracting you while you drive. I usually use a comfortable harness, that’s easy to put on. One that is ideally flexible, fabric based and stretchy enough for the ultimate comfort. I recommend one that doesn’t cause any discomfort to your dog during the journey.

Pet travel mat or bed

Whereas it might sound obvious, it is often overlooked. However, pet travel mats come incredibly handy. Not only during the trip, also at the hotel, campsite, on the seaside, at the park etc. Most hotels welcome pets, and some of them are very well equipped for furry guests. However, it might be handy to have your dog’s own travel mat on hand. Especially as some accommodations welcome pets, but don’t allow them on the furniture. If you need to get one, then make sure to choose one that is lightweight, foldable and has handles to carry them easier.  A cover that is machine washable is a must.

pet travel essentials

First aid kit

It is always best to be prepared for bites, wounds or parasites. Also, depending on the holiday you chose you might want to be equipped with aloe vera gel for burns, paw and nose balm, tick and flea repellent and cooling aides. If you travel with a dog that has breathing difficulties or that is prone to overheating then a cooling vest or scarf is a must have too. Great value first aid kit options are available at Amazon for all shapes and sizes.

Collapsible bowl

And finally this is one of the most important pet travel essentials. A collapsible water bowl is always handy, not only on holiday but for any short trip. There are great products that are easy to fold and take up literally no space.

Worth to mention your pet’s eating regime. Don’t change it just because you travel. Try to keep the same times, portions and the same type of food that you always feed him. Travel packs of dry dog food is now widely available.

I hope you enjoyed this list and you’ll find it handy. For more info on international pet travel guides visit the site Pet Travel. Don’t forget to rate this post and let us know what you’d like to hear about next!

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