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Become and ambassador for The Hound Project and get rewarded for driving sales. We are a sustainable, designer dogwear brand specializing in high quality vegan leather products, and on trend wintercaots made using recycled fabrics. Our aesthetic is vibrant, stylish and bold, yet all of our pieces are timeless. We cater for pets of all shapes and sizes. What drives is the love for our four legged friends and the vision of a more sustainable future. 

Why choose us?

Choosing us is a win win for both our brand reps and their customers. We offer a discount code for our brand ambassadors to promote on their end, as well as an increasing and exclusive discount on their purhcase with us. The better you perform, the more you receive. You can also get your paws on our latest releases before anyone else. We are all about good vibes!

How to apply?

We hold ambassador searches from time to time, but usually only contact those who we think will be a great fit. The best way to catch our eye is to engage with our content, post regular photos wearing our clothes or accessories. 

We look for people who genuinly love our brand, ad will engage and work with us in the years to come. We plan for the long run. So please, only apply if you love what we stand for, if you share similar interests and hold the same values about being environmentally conscious.

We look forward to hearing from you and engaging with you. 

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