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We are dog people

The Hound Project is a sustainably run, eco conscious and cruelty free dog brand. The company was born out of love for fashion and a strong desire to create something different and meaningful for our pets.

The brand started out of the creative vision of the founder Reka and her idea of a more stylish dog. What began as a private project for a foster pup has quickly developed into a go to brand for earth conscious dog owners.


"We took what was missing from the market and turned it into a collection of thoughtful and eco-conscious designs"

THP supports local businesses by manufacturing, printing and sourcing locally. Paying fair wages and making sure that most fabrics are manufactured in Europe isn't just the question of quality. 


"We are aware that a lot of brands fuel the needs of consumer society, yet offer very little to offset their harmful effects on the environment."

That's why choosing The Hound Project matters in more than one way. The competition out there is fierce. Gorgeous, really well designed pet products are widely available on the market to cater to all pet parents.
The Hound Project has quite a list of benefits to offer, and paying fair wages to support jobs in Hungary is just one of them.

We are using recycled fabrics in our coats and toys, hoping to expand the recycled fabric range to all products by the end of 2021. As we are against cruelty to animals, we refuse to work with genuine leather, replacing it with vegan leather. In fact that's one of our signature product categories.


Vegan leather harness, snakeskin


Vegan leather fabric

We are against cruelty to animals. We believe that no animal should suffer so another could wear its skin. And that is why we opted for using vegan leather.


100% Handmade

Our accessories are handmade with great attention to detail. Quality is our number one priority so you can use our products for a very long time.


Designed with dogs in mind

Each product is designed thoughtfully keeping functionality and safety in mind. We optimize for performance without sacrificing style.


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