Our story

A sustainable, vegan and cruelty free brand

At The Hound Project we source, design and make our lovely jackets, toys and collars locally with the aim to make life easier and a bit more colorful for dog parents. The brand started out of the creative vision of our founder Reka and her vision of a more stylish pup. What began as a private project for a foster mutt has developed into a striving startup, selling in most European countries, as well as the US and Canada.

To us design is passion

Since the founding of the brand we worked tirelessly to design, source, edit, measure and fit. This is how we managed to come up with the ultimate line of dog accessories that are a spot on, colorful treat. Our products are sustainably sourced, carefully designed and finished to a very high quality. Because we believe in the power of a good design matched with functionality and durability.

What we stand for

It goes without saying that we are against cruelty to animals, and all of our products are cruelty free, sustainably sourced and vegan. Having 3 adopted pooches ourselves, we are advocates of adoption vs buying. Therefore we love to show our support by donating to dog shelters. When founding the company we set out to be different and avoiding the retail trap most companies fall into. Since then we are working towards a sustainable growth and transparency on product manufacturing.

We are sustainable

We work on a no inventory basis in order to reduce waste as much as possible. All orders are processed and made as received to make sure we don’t end up with pre-produced, unwanted items going into landfill. We have a strong manufacturing system in place to make sure we can get any order ready to be shipped within 3 days.

No production waste

We are working towards reducing product waste completely, because we don’t want our fabric to go into landfill. We adjust all of our patterns to minimize waste reduction and use leftover fabric to cut our toys. Where possible we always reuse or donate unwanted fabric so it gets a new life as filling or upcycled toys.

We support animal shelters

Supporting shelters and help more and more dogs find a forever home have always been a cause close to our hearts. So we sat up a couple of collaborations with Hungarian dog shelters to bring awareness to and help their work. We’ll keep posting updates about our work, so stay tuned.

We don’t use leather

Understanding what goes on behind the scenes in the leather industry, and being against cruelty to animals we decided not to use leather. We believe that no animal should suffer so another could wear its skin so we opted for using vegan leather. It is a man made, polyurethane based fabric that is strong, very durable and comes in an incredible variety of colors.

Reduced eco footprint

Most of our fabric sourcing, printing and production happens locally to make sure we cut back on our carbon footprint. Cutting out air miles at least in the production phase contributes to a more sustainable future. Not to mention that it comes handy in the quality control phase.

High quality products

One very important element of our sustainability strategy is to provide the highest quality products, in order to ensure that our customers can enjoy them for long. We manufacture all pieces to the highest standards and put them through strict quality control, because we want you to use that coat or leash for a very long time.