Dog mom life by Kelly and Murphy

Dog mom life by Kelly and Murphy

One of the perks of spending half my day on Instagram is definitely that I get to know knew people. Amazing new people, with different stories, backgrounds and aspirations for the future. So I decided to introduce them through a series of articles. We are going to bring you The Hound Project friends, pupfluencers and customers in the coming weeks. All of them have a different take on what it’s like to be a modern dog mom. This week we’re kicking off with Murphy. You might know him from Instagram as @murphy.the.magnificent In this interview I’m talking to his mom, Kelly about what’s it like to be a dog mom today.

What was life like before Murphy? Have you always had dogs?

Growing up I’ve always loved dogs and wanted a dog but Murphy is my first. So this may sound really irresponsible and impulsive of me but Murphy wasn’t planned. I was going through a bit of a tough time and I woke up one morning and thought ‘I’m gonna get a dog’. I had no idea what breed I wanted and just searched for what was available in my area at the time. Contacted the breeder that morning and she had two puppies left. I went to have a look and ended up leaving having put down a deposit and the promise to pick him up the next day. At that point I had absolutely nothing prepared for welcoming a puppy into my home. No bowls, beds, toys etc so I went on a mad shopping spree to get everything he could possibly need. With hindsight I realise I fell incredibly lucky because Murphy fits in perfectly with my lifestyle and I couldn’t wish for a better, more loving pup but with the lack of research, knowledge or planning it could have been a very different story.

What did it feel like adding a pet to the family?

As it’s just me Murphy slotted in to my life perfectly. He has given me a purpose and filled a little gap that was before missing. Since having Murphy I have found love in new hobbies,  new places and new friendships.

How are you handling dog mom life?

I am very fortunate, Murphy undertook risk assessments and now occasionally accompanies me to work as a ‘therapy dog’. Working in education with challenging young people it’s amazing to see the positive impact he has on their attitude and behaviour. On the days when Murphy doesnt accompany me to work my parents look after him. I think they have both developed such love for Murphy they prefer him to me most of the time 😂

What is the funniest, saddest, or most extreme thing that happened to you guys?

Murphy did have quite a rough start in life. He came to me with an umbilical hernia which was removed at 6 months old with a couple of complications. He then got very ill with gastritis a few months later which took the vets a while to diagnose. At first, despite numerous x-rays showing nothing the vets were convinced his symptoms suggested there was an internal blockage and so I made the decision to let them operate. They were at a complete loss when they opened him up to find nothing and so he was transferred to a specialist vets. It was the most worrying week of my life. Especially as I had only had him for such a short while at this point.

Thankfully after being with the specialists for 48 hours they diagnosed him with gastritis. Then they allowed us back home but his full recovery took a number of weeks especially because of the surgery. We had to exercise to a minimum and outside walks were out of the question. I feel he missed out on his puppy days and so that is why I try to do so much with him now and take him to as many places as I can.

How do you socialize with your pup? Do you find dog specific places, shops, workplaces, dating apps etc?

Murphy pretty much comes everywhere with me now. We do seek out specific dog friendly places and activities. Also we have done everything from hiking to beach trips, boat cruises, water sports, city breaks, shopping and dining. I love that so many places are now going that extra mile to be dog friendly because to me, being dog friendly is about more than just allowing a dog into an establishment. It’s the little touches like a fresh bowl of water or a jar of treats on the counter. A fuss from the staff or a mat on the floor all really make a place stand out in terms of just how dog friendly they are!

You can follow this amazing duo’s adventures on Instagram or on their website. Happy browsing!

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