How to choose the right dog for your personality

How to choose the right dog for your personality

Are you thinking about getting a dog? Or you want a companion for your pup? Either way to choose the right dog is never easy. Whatever your plans, there’s a lot that goes into choosing the perfect pup and you’ll want to get one that suits your personality. After all, there are as many types of dogs as there are people. Some are high energy and require hours of running a day to tire them out. Others are sedentary due to nature or age and are content to spend their time lounging.

Consider your lifestyle and habits and what you want in a dog before you commit to your furry family member. As you know, once you have one, they’re going to change your life in all kinds of ways!

We rounded up the three most important questions to ask yourself before making a decision. Getting a pup is a huge commitment and you need to be pretty clear on what you can offer. Choosing a dog based purely on their looks is irresponsible, especially if your temperament does not match. So let’s dive in and look through he three questions to ask yourself.

Do you want a puppy or an adult dog?

We all love puppies, but the reality is a puppy’s needs may not be the best match for everyone. There’s a lot to teach a puppy from basic manners to potty training. Doggie daycare can help with socializing and giving your puppy an outlet for energy. Still they take plenty of time and patience.

Many older dogs are well mannered and happy to relax with you. Most of them are house trained and when you get an adult dog, you can survey their personality better. Shelter staff would be happy to help you match a dog to your lifestyle. Do you have an active lifestyle or a more chill lifestyle? Are you home much or do you work long hours? The way you live your life plays a big role in choosing the right dog for you. If you prefer a chilled pup that would snooze on your couch most of the day, then here is a pretty cool list of pup that sleep the most.

What is their temperament?

While age is one factor, temperament is another important consideration. What is the breed known for? Border collies are great dogs if you have plenty of work for them to do. Their natural instincts are for herding and they’ll herd people; including small children. Vizslas are beautiful and smart but they are also high energy dogs. They will need a lot of exercise to stay balanced. Equally, if you love to track or hike you may not want to get an English bulldog. Also consider your living conditions. Some pups do really well with living in a small apartment, and some need access to a garden.

It is important to highlight again that to choose the right dog based on their personality is more important than choosing them based on their looks. Yes, you will be able to shape your dog’s personality to a certain extent. But there are traits you will never be able to influence.

If you want to adopt from the shelter, speak with the staff and volunteers. They can help you with a good match. They’ll talk with you about what you’re looking for in a dog and introduce you to the best potential matches.

Do you have other pets?

If so, how do you think your current pets will adjust to a newcomer? How do they get on with other animals now? If you have pets at home already, it’s best to introduce your potential new dog to the environment slowly. Some shelters advise you to take your dog with you to adoption days. This way you can instantly spot if there is a chemistry. A puppy is often an easier choice in this sense, adult dogs will adjust quicker to a puppy. But whatever your choice, remember it is down to you to make the transition from single pet to siblings easier. I often hear, that the only reason people don’t take on another pet is that their dog would be jealous. Fact is, most of the time the frictions you have at the beginning pass really quickly. It takes consistency and patience to get your pets used to each other.

I hope this little read will help your decision making when choosing a dog. If you feel you sill need a little help here is a really cool quiz on how to choose the right dog for your personality.



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