Best gift ideas for dog owners

Best gift ideas for dog owners

Choosing the right gift is never an easy task, especially when purchasing for dog owners. Often times you have to consider the pet rather than the pet parent. We gathered up our top tips on what to buy for dog owners, so listen up.

Toy basket

All pet parents are familiar with the eternal mess a dog can make when playing. The living room can often look like the messiest playground and no matter how many times you tidy up. It soon looks the same. That’s why a toy basket is the perfect gift idea for any dog owner. There are beautiful, personalized pieces available now, made out of wood, canvas or rope. You can surely find the right piece that suits any interior. Browse some of the prettiest ones here.

Dog toys

Stating the obvious here, but a dog toy is always welcome with any dog owner. Make sure to do your research on what type of toys they use already. There’s plenty a variety available from chew toys, balls and cuddly soft toys. When purchasing, always make sure you get them from a reputable brand and opt for good quality pieces. It often pays off to spend a bit more on a piece, so it lasts longer and is more friendly on the environment. Check out our selection if you need inspiration.

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Personalized gift cards

Perfect for when you want more of a symbolic gesture, rather than an investment. Personalized doggie gift cards come handy for all occasions and there is a huge variety available. Our favorite little brand is Alfie’s Greetings. An online shop run by a cheeky dachshund and his mom, Nathalie. They offer a stunning variety of beautiful cards for any occasion, so check them out.

Gift boxes

My personal favorite for obvious reasons. It’s not only the gift that you purchase with it, it’s the added excitement of inwrapping. There is plenty of choices available here. You can go with an only toys gift box, or with the classic treat options as well as a mix and match. If you are interested in our take, stay tuned. We are launching The Hound Box soon.

Gift voucher

The perfect option for when you’re undecided. Most brands offer gift vouchers in a variety of amounts, so it’s worth browsing around. Hope this helped make up your mind about your next gift. Happy shopping.


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