Who we are

My name is Reka and I’m the founder of The Hound Project, a sustainable dog clothing and accessories line. My brand journey began in 2018 when I quit my 9-5 and started designing coats for dogs. Having worked as a fashion designer for almost 10 years, I was finally ready to set up my own label. My love for my dogs led me to look into pet fashion, and that’s when I spotted a gap on the market for sustainably made, stylish dog wear. So I set out to create The Hound Project, a dog brand dedicated to using recycled fabrics and manufacturing sustainably. This is my way of sharing my vision and knowledge to create a better product for dog parents.

What we stand for

Merging functionality with style 
The company was created as a response to poor quality, plastic pet products and has since grown into a brand sold by over 70 retailers worldwide.

We develop all of our products with dogs in mind, making sure we extend their lifecycle to endure the extreme wear and tear, that comes with outdoor activities. We only use high quality fabrics and product accessories, because we believe in slow fashion as opposed to fast consumption and even faster supply.
What we offer
We manufacture in Europe, working with small printers, sewing factories and other suppliers to enable proper quality control. This allows us to have a strong, long term relationship with our partners. And it goes without saying that we pay fair wages to all.

We are transparent both in our manufacturing practices, as well as our marketing communication. We don't believe in cheap marketing tricks to grow our sales, instead we offer an honest, transparent picture of who we are, and what we stand for.