The top happiest dog breeds

The top happiest dog breeds

Naturally all dogs are different. Different by their personality as well as their breed specific traits. So when looking for your furry best friend you should probably keep this in mind, rather than shop/adopt based on looks. Considering what’s best for your needs and personality will greatly enhance your future relationship with your pup. That’s why we rounded up 6 of the happiest dog breeds out there.

I’m sure you wonder how not all dogs are happy in a happy environment. There are several factors contributing to how content your pup is. Health, ample playtime, being able to ‘fulfill their job’ are just a few of these. Yet, some pups naturally have a more playful and content personality. This is mainly down to that fact that they were bred or used as companion dogs, and they are happiest when they are around you. So if you wonder which are the happiest dog breeds, then here is our 6 strong list.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

I can confirm that Cavaliers are one of the happiest dog breeds, being the happy owner of one myself. One of the largest of the toy breeds these pups were bred as companion dogs. Hence their dependent nature. They love to be around people, and they might feel neglected when left alone too long. Nonetheless they are definitely a top contender for the mightiest tai wag. These pups have a happy and sweet countenance that mets the hearts of us all. Like all dogs, cavaliers come in a range of personalities, but they have one common trait. They love to meet new people, new dogs and see new places. They get excited about exploring, are always down for an adventure.

Cavaliers are great playmates for others and they adjust easily to any new member of the family. They are wonderful with children due to their gentle nature. They require more grooming than other pups, and they count as one of the most high maintenace dog breeds. Nonetheless, they love to be groomed, and even bathing and combing goes down well with them.

French Bulldog

Listed among companion dogs, these little potatoes have well earned their place on the list. With their easy and playful mentality, low maintenance nature they are some of the happiest pups out there. With their short and stocky body, bat ears and strangely short nozzle they have a unique appeal. They are intelligent, easy to train and adjust to your lifestyle super quickly. Frenchies don’t need a lot of room or hours playing fetch in the park, which makes them the most popular companion dogs today. They get along well with other pups and children, and simply adore lavishing attention on their humans.


Originally from England, they were brought to France by lace traders. In order to make the original bulldog more distinctive and unique, the French started selectively breeding them. They put special emphasis on the pointy ears and the stocky, muscular body. Due to the severely ‘distorted’ face and body Frenchies can encounter a wide range of health issues. Some of the most notable are hip dysplasia, allergies, breathing difficulties and cleft palate. Yet their ever playful nature and goofy personality has won all of our hearts.

Bichon friese

These white fluffs are cute, affectionate and easy to be around. With heir baby-doll faces and friendly disposition they are the perfect family dogs. Bichons together with other members of the Barbichon dog family – Maltese, Havanese, Bolognese – are thought to have originated from the mediterranean. In Europe they quickly became popular in royal courts and quickly spread to the US too. With a cheerful attitude they love to be the center of attention. They are very affectionate toward their humans, and they love to be loved. Bichons are friendly toward most people and make amazing family dogs, as they are super gentle towards children. These pups are good at tricks and canine sports, but early socialization and teaching them proper manners is a must. They are known to be hypoallergenic as they don’t shed, so people with allergies can opt for them as pets.

They usually have very few health problems, yet some breed specific issues are worth mentioning. Bladder problems, hip dysplasia allergies are not uncommon with Bichons. They are said to be difficult to house train, so crate training and frequent walks are recommended from a young age. With proper and regular exercise and play, they can adjust to a small apartment and become ideal city dogs. Their grooming is quite a handful job, and is recommended to be left to professionals. They have a double coat, and since they don’t shed it needs to ce combed and trimmed regularly.

Golden retriever

The Golden retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the US. Their sweet, calm personalities make them perfect for family dogs. As their name indicates, they were bred to retrieve prey for hunters. They still enjoy doing it and play fetch is their favorite pass-time. These pups are highly intelligent, sociable, loyal and eager to please. They get on well with people and other pets, and they love children. They need regular daily exercise as well as a job in the family to be content. But what would be easier, as you could teach them to fetch the paper for you or wake up the kids on time for school. He is definitely not a good guard dog though, as he’s equally friendly with strangers as well as family members.

They shed heavily and seasonally, so prepare yourself for tough grooming sessions every fall and spring. Goldens are indoor kind of pups, who enjoy socializing with their family and the the dogs in the house. They are generally healthy, yet are prone to get overweight very quickly. If you keep them on a vigorous daily exercise for 20-30 minutes, they will be mellow for the rest of the day.


Absolute clowns at heart, these pups have a truly happy go lucky personality. Pugs are playful dogs always ready for a game. They enjoy company and probably best kept with other dogs. They are very affectionate towards their humans and can get needy if they don’t get enough attention. Their training might get challenging however intelligent they are, as they can get willful and often stubborn. They crave attention all the time as they were bred to be companion dogs.

Pugs shed a lot so you should prepare yourself for a lot of fur around the house. They are sensitive to both cold and hot, and due to their short nozzle they might have breathing difficulties in the summer. Generally healthy, however there is a rare degenerative health issue unique to pugs known as PDE, or Pug Dog Encephalitis. It is a fatal inflammatory brain disease unique to these pups. They are also prone to have eye problems and allergies. They are low maintenance and a good choice for apartment living.

Boston terrier

Originally bred as fighting dogs these pups have a friendly, goofy and playful temperament. Boston terriers are incredibly intelligent and affectionate towards peple and other pups. They come across as stubborn and hyperactive, yet they are really easy to train. However, unlike labradors they need motivation during training sessions. They won’t just spin around in endless loops because they love you. They are especially great companion for elderly people, and can easily accommodate to a small apartment. Known as the American Gentleman, Boston terriers are smart, affectionate and lively.

Like most dogs they need to be socialized early to make sure they turn into well rounded adults. These pups don’t need excessive exercise, as they are rarely inactive indoors. They love chew toys and you can keep them entertained with activity games for a while.

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