Harness sizing chart


XS 18-26 cm 34-50 cm 16 cm
S 25-39 cm 40-55 cm 17 cm
M 29-45 cm 50-70 cm 20 cm
L 33-52 cm 57-80 cm 24 cm


How to measure your dog for a chest harness

Always measure your pet standing in an upright position to get the right measurements and the best fit. If your pup falls between two sizes, opt for the bigger one for better coverage. Using a soft tape measure take the chest and neck measurements as shown below, placing two fingers perpendicularly under the tape measure to ensure a comfortable fit.

  1. Neck: the circumference of the neck at its widest part
  2. Chest: the circumference of the chest at its widest part
  3. Belly: from the nape of the neck to the beginning of the belly