4 ways dogs show affection

4 ways dogs show affection

We love our pets and even though we cannot speak with them, we can communicate. If we are tuned in with our dogs, it is easy to pick up their signs of affection. But what are they? Some are as obvious as licking your hand. But some ways dogs show affection would actually surprise you.

They look you in the eye

Eye contact is very important for dogs. It displays affection, trust and hierarchy. When your pup looks you in the eye, their brain releases oxytocin, which is the same hormone that helps a new mother bond with her baby. The release of oxytocin makes you both feel good while displaying trust and strengthening your bond.

They bring you their toys

You arrive home and your dog greets you wiggling, dancing, jumping with a toy in their mouth. There is a good chance, they think of you as the alfa in the house and they present you with something valuable. Toys are their most prized possessions. So when they bring it over to you, you can be sure they trust you and they love you. Sharing is caring! Toys make pups happy, and there is a chance they are just trying to express their happiness by giving them to you. Either way this behavior is for sure a sign of love and trust.

They lean on you

My English bulldog, Bertie is leaning against me all the time. I often think it’s because she has a heavy head and body and she needs extra support. 🙂 However, during the years I noticed that se actually does this when she needs emotional support from me. Sometimes your dog is feeling anxious, nervous, wants something, wants to cuddle, or is just looking for some extra security and comfort. And they may lean against you. Your pup leans into you as a source of comfort and affection or to protect you from any danger they sense. Whatever the reason, leaning against you makes your dog feel safe and secure and is one way they show that they love you!

They follow you around

Although dogs are very social animals, they do enjoy alone time as well. They may wander off to investigate a noise or take a nap in a quiet place. Yet, they often check in on their pet parents without being called on. Your pup does not understand when you need alone time which means wherever you go, they enjoy following you. It’s their way of displaying love and loyalty. However, following around can also be a sign of depression or separation anxiety. And how to tell? Here is a really cool article on why your dog follows you around.

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