What does your dog’s personality say about you

What does your dog’s personality say about you

We love all dogs, but to say we don’t have a favorite would be a lie. They each have a strong personality and a breed characteristic we cannot ignore. Studies suggest that the type of dog breed that you choose can tell a lot about your personality. So we rounded up 9 of the most popular breeds to give you an idea of what your dog’s personality says about you.


You are a strong, yet quiet person who appreciates time alone. You get on well with people but mostly prefer our own company. While minding your own business is priority, you also look out for others and get protective over those in need of help. Honesty and loyalty are on top of your list, and you expect the same from others. You often shy away from showing your true feelings to strangers, but those close to you know full well that you wear your heart on your sleeve. Offending you is unwise as your strong sense for justice might get you into sticky situations, but you always act on your instinct. As this dog’s personality reflect yours, you are hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

English bulldog

Bulldogs are stubborn and very persistent. Hence if you own a bulldog, you’re not the type of person that bends easily. You are two feet on the ground and have a very strong opinion on most things. You like to take things easy and don’t do well when forced. Your priorities don’t evolve around household chores and taking overtime at work. Your favorite pass time would be a barbecue or a movie night in with friends and family. While you might look or act intimidating at first sight, your friends and family knows how loving and gentle you really are.

Vizslas and weimaraners

These dogs are incredibly agile, intelligent and active. Therefore, if your four legged bestie is a vizsla, you probably mirror these characteristics. You are fun loving, adventurous and an outdoorsy person. Being active is a must for you and you’re always in search of your next adventure. You love the company of likeminded people, and look for similar traits in them. Loyalty, fun and adventure seeking are on top of your list. You easily get bored if not exposed to new things regularly, so for you keeping the same routine is a nightmare. You probably do best with freelance jobs, where your free spirit and adventure seeking can meet.

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If you own a sighthound or a whippet you might be more introverted than most people around you. You are calm and relaxed and obstacles can hardly get you down. At your job you are persistent and thorough, given that you have the right motivation. You enjoy the company of smaller groups of people, and you like a variety but form real friendships with only a few people. People who sighthounds are fast, agile and always alert. Let it be a better work opportunity or your next business venture, you are keen to jump at it. You prefer to get instant gratification and can give up easily if there is no short term motivation for you.

Bichon frises

If you own a bichon frise you are very considerate of your appearance. You enjoy being pampered and want to look your best all the time. You are naturally sociable and get along well with others. Being more shy than outgoing and having a sensitive nature, you get offended easily and often take things to your stride. You are very warm and family oriented, enjoy spending time with your loved ones. You naturally gravitate towards a classy lifestyle and enjoy the finer things in life, like classical music, wine tastings and interior decoration.

Australian shepherd

Owning an Australian shepherd means you are outdoorsy person. This is a classic case of when your dog’s personality reflects yours. You enjoy sports, tracking and agility training. Being truly engaged with your daily tasks and chores, you enjoy ticking things off your to do list. You often get competitive at work, and enjoy a game with others. Being around other people is a must for you. You enjoy the company of likeminded people, and your favorite pass time is family games and tracking holidays.


Sausage dogs are brave, stubborn and think of themselves as invincible. Doxie owners move along the same lines. They get to be stubborn and pushy until they get their way. If you own a dachshund you tend to be bossy, and moody if you don’t get your way. Following your own rules and decisions, you go ahead even if deep down you it’s the wrong path. At work you can achieve great things with your persistence if you remember to respect other people’s opinion and privacy. You are the type who would dig up a great niche opportunity and go for it until your task is accomplished. Being a bit sensitive to the judgement of others, you can also get snappy when people get within your comfort zone. You love people in your own particular way and expect everyone to adjust to that.

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Cavalier King Charles spaniels

As a spaniel owner your dog’s personality says it all, you are sweet, gentle and respectful. You are charming, trustworthy and affectionate towards others. You lead a busy life and love to share it with others. Keeping your circle small is your way of ensuring you can always rely on people close to you. Offering help tor others comes naturally to you and people trust your instinct and good judgement. You are adventurous and enjoy different social outings. A quick trip to a national park is as good for you as going to the opera. You are classy and generous but quite irritated by time wasters. On the surface you are incredibly polite to everyone, however you are very selective of the people around you. You do quite well in a high flying creative job, like interior design or art dealing. For you your pet is an integral part of your life and make sure she can accompany you everywhere.

Mixed breeds

If you own a mixie, you are fun loving, spontaneous and carefree person. You enjoy the company of all types and different people, and love to expose yourself to new adventures. Going on a trip to out of the way places is a frequent and natural choice for you. You would rather opt for a trip to Baku than sunning yourself in Dubai’s luxury. Never sweating the small stuff, you keep your eye on the big picture. You like to help others, and you often volunteer or donate to a good cause. Your values in life are totally different to most people’s, you find an adventure is worth more than any possessions money can buy.

I hope you all found what your dog’s personality says about you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to share.


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