Top saving tips for dog owners

Top saving tips for dog owners

Having a dog can certainly be difficult, not to mention costly. Food, products, grooming, vets bills and the list goes on. According to the latest research the annual bill can reach a staggering €1200. But don’t fret. We assembled a list of the best money saving tips for you. From making your own dog toys to bathing your pup at home, here’s 10 money saving tips for dog owners.

Make your own treats

Mush easier than it sounds. With all the ingredients available in your local store it is super easy, not to mention fun to whip up a cool treat for your pet. If you like to get your hands dirty, this one is right for you. Most of the treats only take a few ingredients, and they are super healthy. Not to mention that you know what’s in them if you make hem yourself. For a great list of recipes, take a look at our article on the best homemade treats for your pet.

Give your dog plenty of exercise

I think it goes without saying that this is the best way to avoid vet bills accumulating. With plenty of exercise you can keep your pup heathy and engaged both physically and mentally. And by this we don’t only mean running for hours in the park. Switching walking routes every other day can give enough stimulation for your pet to be engaged. Try going to different dog parks, so they have new experiences with new dogs. In house exercises are important as well. There are plenty of amazing toys available online to boost their their activity. Here is a link to some of the best. Also don’t underestimate the power of a good chew toy. It will keep your pup hooked for hours, and their teeth clean.

Adopt don’t shop

I am a huge advocate of adoption vs buying. Besides the obvious, that you save a life, get a loyal companion and enable shelter staff to rescue more pups, you also save money. How? When you adopt you save on vet bills. The pup you adopt will be checked, treated for any illness and neutered. Not to mention, that some shelter give away products or pet food to encourage adoption. It will cost you a fraction of the price of buying a pure bread puppy. Also mixed breeds are somewhat more resilient to health issues, than pure breads, and you may even be able to save up on the vet bills.

Buy bulk pet food

And no, I don’t mean to buy the biggest pack of dry food available. I mean go to your supermarket and buy bulk ingredients for your pet. If you know their exact size and age you can easily put a healthy meal together for them, and portion it like you would your own lunch. If you go for raw feeding then you can easily pack up and freeze each portion. Be sure to select the appropriate type of meat, vegetables and fat and just freeze it for up to two weeks. Here is a great article on what vegetables you can include in your dog’s diet.

Take advantage of offers

A lot of brands offer you online discounts, coupons and free trial products when you sign up to their newsletter. It is a very smart way to take advantage of all the great offers out there. Just go to an online blog and browse all the amazing pet brands offering their best products, and sign up to their mailing list for a cool discount. Some companies make it fun with a great ‘lucky wheel’ promotion, like us. So don’t be shy, be savvy.

Only buy great quality products

Now, this is just as important as the previous one. I am all for sustainable living and shopping for your pet is no exception. The better quality product you buy, the longer it will last you. So be sure to go for the best, even if it costs you more because it will be a great investment on the long run. I know it is tempting to go online and brows for cheap stuff, perhaps even buy a variety but remember less is alwys more and the cheaper is often more expensive.

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