How cold is too cold for your dog?

How cold is too cold for your dog?

We all know that exercise and mental stimulation is key to keep your pup happy. But what about he winter months? But when does it get too cold for your pup? With the temperatures hitting record lows it is important to know what temperatures your dog can handle, and when is it time for the dog winter parka. The below chart will give you a better indication.

dog winter coat

They are all a bit different

Just like us, dogs tolerate temperatures differently. That’s why we gathered some factors that can influence how well your pup handles the cold.

Coat Type: Pups with thick, double-layered coats tolerate cold temperatures very well. Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds and Samoyeds are much better equipped for the minuses. These breeds generally originate from colder climates which allow them to thrive in frigid temperatures. On the other hand, pups with short, thin coats such as Greyhounds and Chihuahuas have a more difficult time in cold weather.

Size: Small dogs and toy breeds tend to get colder more easily. They lose body heat much quicker than larger pups, especially when in contact with snow. When smaller pups go out into the cold, their chest can easily be submerged in deeper snow, which will cool down their body temperature and make them cold and wet. Worth noting that dogs loose their body heat easier through their belly, than any other body part.

Age and Health: Healthy dogs in their prime are able to tolerate the cold temperatures better than those dealing with any health issues. Pups dealing with any health issues have weaker immune systems which can make it more difficult for them to keep warm in frigid weather. Give these pups special assistance with a doggie coat or scarf.

Hope this helps determine how well your dog stands the cold. Also worth looking into the appropriate dog winter parka, to protect them in the winter. And be sure not to spend too much time outside if it’s below 0. 

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