How to improve your dog’s wellbeing?

How to improve your dog’s wellbeing?

The term wellness creeps in every aspect of our life. But just as we are constantly looking for ways to improve our health, both mental and physical, the same applies to our dog. There is not one magic trick to keep our dogs happy and healthy. It is down to a few factors that we must consider and introduce to their daily routine. All in all, enough exercise, a great diet and low stress levels will do the trick. So here are our top tips on how to master dog wellbeing in our beloved pooch’s life.

Nutritious food

I’m a huge advocate of raw feeding, but a healthy diet is down to a lot many factors. While it might be tempting to feed your pet scraps and leftovers from the table, this might not be the best long term strategy. Be sure to provide them a balanced diet of proteins, healthy fats and fibers. Try to skip kibbles as much as possible, or replace a part with meat cuttings, bones or vegetables. Try to avoid feeding your pup chocolate, garlic, onion or dairy. They lack the enzyme responsible of breaking down milk sugar. For an extra tip, read our detailed article on raw feeding and how to nail it.

Regular exercise

Now his is a tricky one, as every dog needs different types and levels of daily exercise. When adopting a pup, be sure to do a thorough research on how much daily training they will need. Then adjust your canine choice to your daily routine and work. With a busy schedule it can be difficult to take care of this, but there is plenty of help available. You can enlist the help of your partner, parent or a dog walker to help you out. Or if you have a dog owner friend living nearby, you can alternate your days to provide your pup with plenty of playtime. If you can’t take your dog out to the park every day, a quick turn around the block or some indoors play fetch can do the trick. There are automated throw toys available online to keep your pup entertained, as well as a great selection doggie daycare services.

Mental stimulation

A huge part of dog wellbeing is mental stimulation. Especially with working dogs. Shepherds, border collies and vizslas were all bred as working dogs. Thus, they need to get plenty of exercise, stimulation and tasks to stay happy. Again, choose wisely when welcoming a four legged friend in your home. Some might not be suited to your lifestyle and you should consider their personality rather than their looks. Nonetheless, there are ways to work around this. One option you could consider, is alternating walking routes. Different routes come with different smells, stimulations and sights that can all be entertaining for your pup. Plus they will be more involved during the walk, hence get more tired by the time you get home. Swimming is another great option if you have a pool or lake nearby. Lastly, you could consider introducing interactive toys, so your pet keeps himself busy at home. A Kong toy is always a great option. Or toys with hidden compartments, that you can stuff with their favorite treat. It also helps when your pup has separation anxiety.

Stress reduction

Often overlooked, but an equally important element of dog wellbeing. Dogs can be highly sensitive to a number of factors, internal or external. Crowds, fireworks, strangers can all increase their stress level. Not to mention that some dogs can develop separation anxiety, which affects them as well as your life massively. Try and help them with a routine, lots of love, engaging toys and plenty of encouragement.

I hope this has all helped get abetter idea what dogs need to stay healthy and balanced.

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