Meet the creative eye behind our stunning photos

Meet the creative eye behind our stunning photos

A self proclaimed good guy and the creative brain behind most of our stunning images. We met almost a year ago on our first shoot. My first impression was that he’s indeed a ‘good guy’ and since then we became fast friends. With a love for photography and a passion for all things four legged he made the obvious choice to become a dog photographer 6 years ago. His unique style and enchanting pictures has since captured a lot of people’s attention. His love for dogs are portrayed in all of his pictures. Three years after setting up his business, he’s probably the number one dog photographer in Hungary. We are super excited to introduce our very favorite Szilard Simko.

dog photographerHow did your love for dog photography start?

I have been working as a photographer for over 10 year. Then one day I spotted a beautiful stag in the woods. There was no way to describe this experience with words. And that’s when I decided to take my camera with me everywhere. After this I snapped every which animal, that I saw and that’s how I started focusing on four legged things. With a love of nature and my dog, Tibi it was a straight line to dog photography.

You are super busy, yet make time to teach other

To me photography is a passion and it totally makes sense to share it with others. I hold workshops on a semi regular basis teaching budding photographers about the craft in general. It can be an incredibly difficult and time consuming job, photographing animals. You often stand or lye in the same spot for hours on end to catch the right moment. In the same time it’s absolutely rewarding and that’s what I want to share.

I do hope we convinced you to take a peek at Szilard’s site, or look him up on social media. If you want to learn more about him, then find him online, on Facebook or Instagram. Happy browsing!

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