How to style your home when you have a dog

How to style your home when you have a dog

We’ve all been there. When that dog bed or mat is just so ugly, worn out or simply so boring that you keep hiding it. However, being a responsible dog parent means keeping your pet’s comfort a priority over your home styling preferences. But who says that a comfortable dog bed and a stylish home are mutually exclusive? We firmly believe that they are not. So we brought you a few amazing dog interior design ideas to style up your home and make it comfortable for your pup too.

The built in dog house

Not all of us have the luxury of space in our homes, nonetheless we can all find a small space that is uninhabited. A small corner tucked away, under the stairs or under one of the out of use kitchen cupboards. These spaces can be a perfect spot to tuck away your dog’s bed, or to turn into a little doggy heaven. You can even complete it with your pet’s own wardrobe space.

dog interior design

The tucked away corner

This idea is a given, as we usually have unused space in our landing. It doesn’t require a lot of DIY skills, and can help keep your house free of the muddy paws. If in fact you place this area around the back door, then you give your dog the freedom to move around without riling up the whole house. All you need is a stylish dog bed and a few accessories.


The DIY pet house

This frame house have long been my favorite and given that you have a lot of space this can be the most stylish furniture in your home. It does take some skill to build. However these pieces will fast become a favorite not just with your pet.

dog interior design

The designer dog bed

These numbers don’t come cheap. However, in return you will get a stunning piece of furniture that instantly becomes part of your home. No matter if you choose a foldable piece or a mid century wooden frame. I’m sure you will never want to hide them again.

dog interior design


The gorgeous cushion bed

I’m a huge advocate of using the right prints and patterns around the house. After all I have a fashion degree. So the next spot is definitely taken by gorgeous, print beds. They are widely available and come in all shapes, sizes and colors. I’m sure you will find one to your heart’s content.

dog interior design

Last but not least

The gorgeous throw that’s stylish and protects your furniture. Doesn’t matter if you like boho chic or fur. These throws and cushions are widely available and can give a real stylish update to your home. Not to mention they protect your furniture.

dog interior design


Hope yo guys enjoyed this article and could draw inspiration from our ideas. Leave us your rating and your ideas for the next post!

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