Dog breeds that love to sleep

Dog breeds that love to sleep

Choosing the right one from all the dog breeds can be tricky. Most people decide based on looks rather than personality. We are a huge advocate of matching your personality to the Dog’s you pick, so here is an interesting read for you. We gathered up the dog breeds, that love to sleep the most. So if you love to snooze in in the morning, then these pups might be the perfect choice.

English bulldog

Not much to say here. Probably the most obvious of all the dogs, bulldogs love a snooze. My girls (a French and an English bulldog) do pretty much nothing all day. They are the perfect cuddle buddies if you don’t mind the snoring and farting.

Basset hound

Like cats, they will sleep anywhere, anytime. They are prone to cat naps, yet still have the instinct and energy to go hounding anytime during the day. Their temperament could be down to their rather large body, supported by rather small legs. Their pins need a lot of rest.


It might well surprise you but these pups are total couch potatoes. As they are sprinters and not endurance runners their level of energy fluctuates easily. A quick walk or run around the park and they are ready to snooze for the rest of the day.

Great dane

Like most big dogs great danes need a lot of sleep. Prepare for all your furniture be covered in dog, as they love to be comfortable.

French bulldog

Don’t let the crazy hyper personality fool you. Of all the dog breeds a Frenchie is an ambivalent creature. Ready for a zoomie in the garden every morning, then he needs to sleep all day. In fact they can get so lazy, that you just have to carry them home from a long walk.


Excitable as they come, they also tire easy. As soon as the excitement of seeing you wears off, they are ready to spend the day snoring in your bed. Don’t mind the excessive shedding? Then you’re ready for a pug.


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