How to recognize unethical dog breeders?

How to recognize unethical dog breeders?

Finding the right dog to bring in your home is a very important decision. If you want to enjoy the companionship and unconditional love of a dog, you should be careful with the selection process. You see, not all dog breeders are responsible breeders that have a set of ethical aspects in their mind. If you really have your heart set on a pure breed puppy, there are some precautions you must take.

Not all dog breeders are ethical breeders. I’m sure you’ve heard and read horror stories of backyard breeders. Exploited dogs kept in tiny cages and bred through their entire life. There is no surefire way to avoid running into a puppy mill, but there are ways to screen them through the process. Thus, here is how you can recognize unethical breeders.

Valid and thorough information on the breed

Is the dog breeder able to give you valid and thorough information on the dog breed you choose? Usually, the breeder is the best person to ask about the breed of dog you are about to purchase. He is the kind of person that can speak out of personal experience. Thus ideally can give you great advice when it comes to having a certain breed of dog in your life. It’s definitely worth asking around in this topic. What’s more you should come with questions prepared. If you have a little bit of background info, even better. If you come prepared, you will be able to catch them bluffing. Make sure you ask about the breed’s temperament, negative and positive side, health risks and training tips. If you notice something shady, don’t be afraid to walk away, even if you want to know those pups in safety.

Always insist on seeing the kennels and the adult dogs

It is essential to see the conditions of which your puppies came from. The circumstances these dogs are kept in are usually a good indicator of the breeder and the quality of animals. Unfortunately there plenty of backyard breeders out there, and you will spot them as soon as you see the dog’s living conditions. Warning signs are overcrowded, dirty cages, dogs kept on a chain or too many dogs kept by the owner. Also when meeting the parents of the puppies be sure to check them too. If too skinny, poorly socialized, scared or generally looking unhealthy, then be cautious. Reputable dog breeders will always make sure to keep their dogs healthy, well fed, well groomed and will provide ample outdoor and indoor space with a clean environment.

Ask for documents

Sounds kind of obvious, but a lot of people are so keen to take a puppy home they neglect to check up their background. Make sure to ask for documents of the parents. If you want to make sure that the puppies are bred in a responsible manner and that you avoid getting a dog with genetic or health issues, seeing a pedigree is extremely important. Backyard breeders and puppy mills will often ‘interbreed’ the dogs to achieve a desirable trait. For instance the blue or tan color of French bulldogs. Also, they often won’t remove the ‘faulty’ puppies from the breeding, enabling them to pass on any genetic or health condition to the next generation. After all, you are looking to take home a healthy pup that will be with you for a very long time.

Take a good look at the puppy

It is important to see the pup around its siblings. They should be really well socialized and they should not differ prominently in size from the other ones. Each pup develops a bit differently so slight changes are ok, but look out for health indicators. A timid, unsocialized or scared pup might have a healthy or genetic problem.

And finally if you notice anything shady don’t be afraid to walk away. You’re making a big decision by getting a companion. Ideally you want them to have a long and healthy life, and your first trip should not be to the emergency vet. When possible, consider adoption, if you’re bent on buying then follow the above tips. Happy pet parenting!

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