Vegan leather collars

One very important factor in building the brand was to be ethical and cruelty free. That’s why we refuse to work with genuine leather. Instead we offer vegan leather collars and leads. Vegan leather is a man made, polyurethane based fabric that is very durable, super soft and is of incredibly good quality. We offer our collars in a beautiful selection colors and 5 different sizes, to fit all pups. Be sure to check out the whole range.

Our collars are very durable and super trendy. Instead of using leather, we paired a nylon base with soft, polyurethane leather. The collars are non slip, easy to clean and adjustable to make sure it grows with your pup. Instead of stitching, we use extra strong belt snaps as it provides a lot stronger hold even if your dog pulls on her leash. Be sure to pair it with one of our vegan leather leads, for the  perfect style.