Bone broth, the ultimate dog super food

Bone broth, the ultimate dog super food

As your dog ages their health changes. Consequently their appetite is changing. It is due to lack of teeth, arthritis pain or decreased activity. Most of us unfortunately are not prepared to feed their dog according to their age. At every stage in their life, your pets will need different nutritional support from you. Some of the essentials they need to take in are amino acids, potassium, zinc, and calcium and the list goes on. That is why bone broth is the ultimate dog super food to give your older dog a power punch of nutrition and the calories. 

The ultimate dog super food

Bone broth, the ultimate dog super food helps not only senior dogs. It is perfect if your pet has to undergo surgery or is struggling with an illness. Aside from multiple amino acids and the nutrients listed above, bone broth is naturally rich in glucosamine and chondroitin. They have been proven to aid in the relief of arthritis symptoms that often plague senior dogs. Bone broth is also high in Vitamin C, which acts as a powerful antioxidant. It reduces rheumatoid inflammation. It contains magnesium which increases bone density and relaxes muscles.

We recommend making it from scratch. It is indeed time consuming and messy, but gives you the best results. There are plenty of healthy alternatives to this, like bone broth powder and jelly. Do give them both a try if you like to experiment. You can easily mix any of the above options with your pet’s regular diet. If you prepare it fresh, you can even add some meat and vegetables to cook together. That will make an absolute royal treatment with your pup.

We hope you enjoyed the article, and are now convinced of the many health benefits of bone broth. Do check out our blog for more tips on pet parenting and healthy recipes. And don’t forget to leave us a comment below!

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