Ambassador search

Our brand ambassador search is now open to all pups worldwide. We’re constantly looking for dedicated pups and pawrents to become our brand reps. As we love working with people, who share our values and our mission for a cruelty free and sustainable future. However, you should apply only if you’re 100% committed to honestly reviewing our products. If you have a strong opinion and are dedicated to communicate it to your followers base.

What we are looking for

We are looking for dedicated accounts who are committed to honestly reviewing our products. We hope to work with pups and their parents who love being out and about. Loving to take photos of your pooch is an absolute must. However, you don’t have to take studio quality shots. You also don’t have to force your pet to stand in an unnatural pose for hours. The more natural the better, ideally lifestyle quality photos are what we’re really looking for.

What we are not looking for

We are not looking for anyone hoping to snap up a freebie, that’s why our selection process thorough. So please only apply if brand endorsing suits your profile, if you have appealing visuals on your your social media accounts and a dedicated community of any size and shape. What is going to influence our decision is the right engagement with your followers, constant social media presence, engaging visual across all your platforms and dedication to represent our products the right way.

How we decide

What is not going to influence our decision is the size of your follower base, the breed of your pup and your location. We are hoping to work with people that could mirror our values in their products. And with people that can represent what we stand for through their aesthetic. Check out our Instagram account to see what exactly we mean. If you need to go through our products to see what would fit the most, check them out here.

If this sound like you, then please apply using the form below. Make sure to give us as much information about your pup, location, social accounts and website as possible. We’ll only reach out if your application has been successful! Thank you for taking the time to apply, and good luck.