Adopt don’t shop

Adopt don’t shop

International homeless animal’s day falls on the 18th August. We thought what better occasion to write up a post on the benefits of dog adoption. Unfortunately, the number of pets living in shelters are only rising so we thought to give you a few reasons to visit an animal shelter and adopt a pup.

With Instagram pet accounts gaining popularity we face a new ‘trend’ of dog ownership. The trend of pure bred and designer dogs. Every year or so there is a breed that gains massive popularity and is sought after by aspiring fur parents. I am not against buying if one can make sure that the pup comes from a reputable breeder. However, the advantages of adopting of a dog massively overweigh shopping for one.

You’ll save a life

Each year around 2.7 million adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized in the US. In Europe the countries that have the highest number of strays are Hungary, Poland, Romania and Greece. To give you a rough idea, Romania has around 2 million homeless dogs. Each year shelters are fighting overcrowded facilities, no financial support and lack of medication. Yet, adoption over buying doesn’t seem the obvious choice for most. When you adopt you save the life of animal and free up shelter space for another one.

You fight puppy mills

If you buy a pet from an online seller or a pet store you are most likely buying from a puppy mill. Breeders often keep these animals in horrible circumstances, provide poor or no medical help and often interbreed them. However, if you adopt you say no to puppy mills, reducing the demand for poor breed animals.

It’s good for your health

There are all sorts of studies that show links between dog ownership and health benefits. These include lowering the risk of heart disease to living longer lives. Other studies show that dogs help relieve stress, and children born into a home with a dog have a reduced risk of developing asthma and allergies.

It’s easy on your wallet

Most shelters and rescues spay or neuter, vaccinate and even train their pets. A relatively low adoption fee will cover these costs. This fee is significantly less than the price you’d pay for a purely bred pup.

You’ll get a house trained pet

Chances are your pet will be house trained. It definitely saves you the headache of having to deal with a puppy messing up your home.

You know what you get

Most pet stores don’t provide any support to new owners. If you have questions or problems with your new pet you’re on your own. When you adopt, especially from a rescue group, you know what you are getting because the group has a history on the animal. The rescue group also helps you through the familiarization period because they are invested in providing a good home for that animal.

You’ll be loved

No matter how well kept a shelter is pets are usually suffering from stress and the intense feeling of being abandoned. That’s why an adopted pet is often more affectionate than a purchased one.

I hope there reasons convinced you that dog adoption is the better choice. If you for any reason cannot adopt you have other choises to help a pet in need.

Donate food, supplies, or money. Shelters often need everyday items like towels, bowls or blankets. So you don’t have to go out of your way to do something nice for animals in need.

Volunteer: Contact your local rescue group, shelter or animal control to see what positions they have available. You could help with dog walking, kennel maintenance, answering the phones or other important tasks. If you have a special skill or talent – photography, graphic design – let them know.

Foster a shelter pet. If for any number of reasons you’re unable to adopt a pet, consider temporarily fostering. The shelter or rescue will usually cover the costs such as food, vet bills etc. This way you’ll be helping an animal prepare for his future life as an adoptee. As you see dog adoption is not only a good deed, it also improves your health and social life.

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